Whether you want to become a member, or volunteer your time or services there are many ways to get connected with the Napa SCI Network! Throughout this site you will find information about our monthly peer support group and any upcoming events.


Here are a few other past events to give you an idea of what else we do:


  • Napa Farmer's Market raffle
  • Christmas Members Dinner
  • SCI v. Napa police department basketball
  • Dive group


These are just a few and they have been such a success!  We look forward to announcing our next one.  Hope to see you there!

Monthly Peer Group

The following topics are of major concern to our group:

  •  Pain, Depression and Spasms
  •  Reintegration of the family unit
  •  Housing, Transportation, Travel
  •  Health insurance and Funding Sources
  •  Education, Sports and Recreation
  •  Daily living and Caregiver Issues
  •  Coping each and every day with a spinal cord injury

    The peer group provides a structured environment, allowing spinal cord injury survivors and their families an opportunity to share and obtain information and support. The group is interactive and the discussions are informative, beneficial and lively.

    The Napa SCI peer support group meets on the last Friday of every month from 1:00 to 2:30 PM. The group meets at the Community Outreach Center, 3448 Villa Lane, Suite #102, Napa, CA 94558.

For More Information, please feel free to call:

Bill Iverson, Program Facilitator   or       Jeff Stuhr, President

707.254.1952                                               707.484.9483